Featured on Grand Designs, shortlisted for RIBA Stirling 2016

Solar Panels Installed
Air/Ground Source Heat Pumps Installed

P.V. & Rainbows

No pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but plenty of energy saved on this project within the Forest of Dean. We installed 421 JA Solar panels fully optimised by Solar Edge with a 137kwp; every suitable orientation covered to maximise yield with available roof space. Annual predictions are expected to save this client £14,464 a year along with 77,000kg of C02 emissions!!

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We’re making the connections for power generation from waste wood

We have just completed the wiring and connection of a 280KW Gasifier for Premier Forest Products in South Wales.
Waste wood from their manufacturing process is recycled by compacting into briquettes which are then burnt in the Gasifier. The gas produced is filtered and used to fuel the generator.
This power is then used to drive the company’s manufacturing processes or exported to the grid if production exceeds on-site demand.
Below are some images of work in progress – completing the wiring and connection of the Gasifier and distribution equipment.




Forest Eco Systems are pleased to announce their latest truly stunning project.

This is a single story house built into the hillside, it has a green roof to help it blend in with the surrounding countryside.

The house has an impressive combination of Renewable energy technologies coupled with an excellent airtight very efficient structure.

Forest Eco Systems were appointed main contractor and oversaw the entire build.


Energy Efficiency Rating of 96 A

Green Roof re-seeded from adjacent field

Timber/Aluminum lift-and-slide-doors 0.67 W/m2K, passive house suitable, triple glazed security glass 54mm glazing thickness for best thermal insulation.

Windows are triple glazed security glass, 54mm thick 0,70 W/m2K.

Triple glazed roof lights 1.0 W/m2K.

Roof insulation is Dow Xenergy 200mm thick inverted roof and a U Value of, 0.15 W/m2K.

Floor insulation is Dow Floormate 300-A, 300mm thick below slab and a U Value of, 0.09 W/m2K.

Wall insulation is Dow Floormate 300-A, 300mm thick external and a U Value of, 0.10 W/m2K.

Air Permeability Test Result 0.49 M3/hm2.

Nibe F1145 10KW Ground source heat pump.

Underfloor Heating through out.

Enhanced Thermal bridging Construction Details.

100 % Low energy LED Lighting Through out.

Solar Photovoltaic system 5.130 KWP.

Solar Thermal 4 x Solfex 250 Landscape.

Whole house Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery.






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Forest Eco Systems was commissioned to design and install a heating and hot water system for a 4 Bedroom new build property located in a quaint village called Shirenewton. We completed a full site survey which enabled us to calculate the heating and hot water requirements, the proposal was to install a NIBE F2040 11kw Air source Heat Pump with a 300 litre Mega coil domestic hot water cylinder.

The chosen heat emitters was a mixture of underfloor (UFH) heating to the basement, ground floor and convector radiators to the 1st floor, each floor and room with UFH was zoned incorporating programmable room thermostats to maximise comfort control and energy efficiency.

The customer is very happy with the installation and will now benefit from reduced energy bills of up to 30% in comparison to oil, also the added benefit of a 7.42 p/kWh renewable heat incentive (RHI) which will help offset the initial installation cost over a 7 year period, further more our customer will benefit from having a extended 7 year warranty through the NIBE VIP installer scheme.


Forest Eco Systems have been working closely with Network Rail and Stiebel-Eltron to deliver heating/(passive & Active) Cooling  also installation of (PV) Photovoltaic 4.32kWp Panasonic HiT system to produce free electricity and free renewable heat for a new development at Cardiff Central Station. To meet BREEAM standards we installed MCS approved Stiebel WPF 20 Set S GSHP system with 3no. 103m geothermal probes to deliver the required heating and cooling demand through individual fan coil units for the new station and office areas. Due to the design of the building our GSHP system needed to provide heating and cooling simultaneously which meant careful considerations were applied so that any south facing office space did not over heat due to solar gain from fully glazed areas and at the same time office space on the north side of the building may require heating. The GSHP system has been in operation successfully for the past month and we are very happy with the overall product.


Building an Eco Barn

An oak timber-framed barn  for an organic farm in the Forest of Dean.


19 meter x 10 meter barn

Timber frame

Power float finish concrete floor

150mm Kingspan insulation below concrete floor

Underfloor heating, this is set within 150mm of concrete to act as a slow release thermal store.

400mm deep warmcel 500 between 400mm I beam’s in roof

140mm deep warmcel 500 between walls

Oldroid XV green roof system to barn roof

Sarket Board layer above I Beams

Sedum mat roof

Oak frame veranda for work area under cover

Underfloor heating linked to a biomass district heating system

100mm Copper gutter and rain chain down pipes


Boosting the Eco credentials of an older property

The brief was to take an old un-insulated thermally inefficient house which was not in particularly good condition and turn it into a well insulated low energy family home, incorporating renewable energy.


100mm phenolic foam external insulation to south facing wall and 140mm rockwool insulation to other walls with Permarock silicone finish this utilises the internal existing block walls as a good thermal mass.

150mm main internal central structural wall this was built into the centre of the house to act as a good thermal mass

Eco-plus windows by the Green Building Store with triple glazing, I plus tough glass and krypton gas fill, boron treated and a w/m2 k of 0.8.

Fakro triple glazed roof lights.

Mechanical Heat Recovery throughout building, Unit by Vent Axia

4x Plano 26 Vertical solar panels linked to a Clearview 750 wood burning stove linked to a Solus 2 800 Litre thermal store

Underfloor heating this is set within 150mm of concrete to act as a slow release thermal store.

Eco joists

Warm roof with 172mm rafters packed with crown rafter roll 32 and 70mm kingspan below rafter sandwiched between is a vapour control layer.

100mm kingspan below floor slab

IFO universal se-6862 low flush loo’s 4-litre and 2-litre pre set

Copper gutter that leads to the old swimming pool that now acts as a rainwater storage tank

Cob garden wall with clay oven built in.

Client designed Solar fridge

Eco Friendly paints used throughout building

Gabion basket retaining wall filled with the old stone taken from the main building during demolition

Low impact recycled materials


Georgian House Eco Refurbishment

The brief was to take a Georgian style un insulated thermally inefficient house not in particularly good condition and turn it into a well insulated low energy family home, incorporating renewable energy.


70mm insulated backed plaster board to all external walls and ceilings

150mm kingspan below floor slab

Double glazed purpose made timber windows with Argon fill

Conservation double glazed roof lights

2 x Dimplex flat plate solar thermal collectors

2 x Daikin 14KW high temp air source heat pumps linked to a 500ltr Enviroheat alpha series accumulator linked to a Flamco un-vented hot water cylinder with a secondary return

LK wood 22 and clip rail system underfloor heating throughout

Roca W+W Loo + Wash basin

The Roca W+W use’s waste water from the washbasin to fill the toilet cistern.

Water-reuse technology used in the W+W can reduce water usage by up to 25% compared to a standard toilet.

Matki EX5/0 thermostatic shower valves

Water Efficient IFO Cera short 3832 + 3800 Toilets

12 x Panasonic 2.88 KWP HIT ground mounted Photovoltaic system

Low energy LED lighting throughout

Low impact recycled materials where possible



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