Battery Techology

The future is here

With new battery technologies you can generate energy from a PV array when the sun is at its brightest and store it until you are ready to use it. There are various systems available but the simplest is the Tesla Powerwall. We are now approved suppliers and installers of this completely automated system that, once installed, requires no maintenance.

A self-powered home combines solar energy and Powerwall to independently power your home day and night. During the day, solar panels may produce more energy than your home uses. Powerwall stores that excess solar energy and makes it available on demand, even after the sun has set. Through the Tesla app, you will have full visibility into your self-powered home.

Tesla recommends the number of Powerwalls you need to power your home with 100% clean energy on a typical day when coupled with solar power. With or without solar, we also recommend the number of Powerwalls you need to ensure at least 24 hours of power during a power cut.

We are also approved charging point installers for electric vehicles. Call us for more details.