Underfloor Heating

Forest Eco Systems design and supply low-temperature under floor heating systems using heated water circulating in PE-X pipes installed within the floor construction. Heat is transferred from the pipes to the floor, then, predominantly by gentle heat radiation to the room. The entire surface of the floor gives off heat, which means that heat emission per square metre remains low. This gives a pleasant, even temperature of the floor surface, on average 24-30°C, to maintain a comfortable room temperature of 20°C. Comfort levels are achieved at lower room temperatures than with conventional systems.

Heat transfer from the floor to all parts of the room and surrounding surfaces is accomplished primarily via radiation and a little convection. Due to the large heat-emitting surface of the floor, the convection currents are small, unlike conventional radiators, which have a small heat-emitting surface and high surface temperature.
The small convection currents give benefits for allergy and asthma sufferers, as dust and other particles do not swirl up to the same extent as with radiator and blown air heat installations.